I’m a huge fan of suspense thrillers and read them all the time. Unfortunately, after a while many of them start to feel the same, like many authors (especially new ones) are using the same recycled plot over and over again. But I like trying out new authors and thought the premise of “Beginning to End” sounded interesting, and I liked that it was set in the 50’s-60’s, but written today. Also I liked that it was by a British author and with the Scotland Yard setting. But while I fully admit I didn’t have the highest expectations going in…well, consider me blown away! I read “Beginning to End” almost in one sitting (much to my own amazement because this is a very long book!) Paul Hughes is a talented writer, and I was hooked in by the way he weaved so many interesting characters and high-octane storylines together to create a wholly addicting story that I couldn’t put down until the final conclusion. It was fast-paced and with snappy dialogue and descriptive a narrative that stands out from the crowd. Devlin and Spearing are great characters, and it was very unpredictable – especially the ending! I’d love to read more from this author in the future…seems like the ending is leaving open for more. Recommend for mature readers of thriller/suspense due to adult content/themes.