wow, what did I just read? Almost non-stop drama and a fast moving plot kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The writing and plot development was excellent, although the editing/proofing could use some improvement. Really enjoyed the mix of fascinating characters infused with a compelling storyline – makes it feel that much more authentic and believable because the details were spot on. You can tell Hughes is well-versed in this arena (I even feel like I learned something about the inner workings of New Scotland Yard and MI5). I was really impressed with Hughes’s writing style—his dramatic and strong word choice works well in this genre, and it seems like he’s done his homework. Quite long, but lots of fun and with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. There is some shocking violence and sexual situations – but nothing horribly offensive. One of the most scandalously fun cast of characters I’ve read about in a while, and I hope this is just the beginning of the adventures of Detective Sergeant Devlin in New Scotland Yard. Definitely think Paul Hughes is an author to watch for in the future, and recommend for fans of Suspense/Action/Thrillers