Beginning to End” by Paul Hughes grabbed me from the very beginning and didn’t let go until the very end (pun intended). It is rare to find a book that keeps my attention all the way through, but this one did. I was totally caught up in the whirlwind of events, and loved the behind the scenes action of the investigation into “The Fox”… which reveals so many unexpected results!! Nothing lights my fire more than deception and unpredictable twists…and “Beginning to End” did not disappoint! If I had only one minor problem was that it was a tad hard to follow at some parts because it almost seemed too fast paced, lots of dialog and I wasn’t sure who was talking when and I got a bit confused because there are a LOT of characters. But it was well crafted with some ingenious villains (no spoilers) and tangents that all came together to make an explosive ending – and I literally could not put down my Kindle during the last 30% or so. Recommend to fans of the suspense/thriller genre…heck, for anyone who just enjoys a great, intelligently-written, heart-pounding read! Suitable for mature readers.