I found “Beginning to End” by Paul Hughes to be extremely well-written and entertaining. There’s lots of action, great character and plot development, flashes of humour, and some surprisingly emotional moments – and some really awful ones as well. Some characters are on occasion paper-thin, but they’re mostly likable and serve a purpose, and the heroes are easy to root for (for the most part!!) There’s simply not a dull moment to be found here. The world Hughes creates occasionally feels like a composite of familiar elements, but there is enough originality so that I don’t feel like I’ve read it before… For such a long and complex storyline, Hughes is great at breaking down the unfolding plot into manageable chunks so as not to overshadow the suspense element, and as the story unfolds and you put all those pieces together, you can see that there’s more complexity here than you’d initially expect. I appreciated the 60’s British element and thought it added a deeper layer to the believable setting. A fast paced read that I didn’t want to put down, especially towards the end. Hope there will be more soon