Prologue old

‘New Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant Kevin Devlin sat at his work desk in the world famous iconic building in the Victoria area of London. He reflected on the surreal start to his career in crazy ‘swinging’ London, England during July of nineteen-sixty-seven.

DS Devlin, a university qualified criminologist and psychologist had only transferred a few weeks ago from his native Glasgow where he had been a Detective Constable with the City of Glasgow Police. Although in nineteen-sixty-seven ‘swinging’ London was a surreal world, Glasgow was certainly anything but stable. Nineteen-sixty-seven was set to become the worst year in recorded history to date for crime in Scotland, especially for crimes of violence. So much for all the talk of; “Peace Man in the nineteen-sixties.”

DS Devlin pondered on the cases he had been allocated with his NSY governor Detective Inspector Andy Spearing. Who would have thought that the assassination of John Palmer at his luxurious home in Weybridge Surrey, would have led to the sequence of events involving a flow of human carnage? This included at least six other murders, or assassinations and four ‘suicides.’ Most of these cases had tenable connections through a rogue element in MI5. Three of these ‘suicides’ were also questionable.

Of course, John Palmer had not only been the silent partner, but also the brains behind ‘The Quiet Firm,’ a London gang supplying drugs to most of the UK gangs in nineteen-sixty-seven.

DI Spearing and DS Devlin had already established that Palmer had been assassinated by the infamous assassin known simply as; ‘The Fox,’ but they were still not sure who had hired him for the kill.

‘The Fox’ had been hunted by NSY, in particular the veteran DI Spearing, since the late nineteen-forties. Now for the first time they had a description of ‘The Fox,’ complete with his voice on a tape recording during the assassination of John Palmer. DI Spearing had also spoken to him on the telephone, although DS Devlin was not privy to that conversation.

‘The Fox’ was also famous for assassinating only known ‘proven’ criminals and was feared by the gangs in London and throughout Europe.It had become apparent that, an MI5 rogue element led by one of their bosses, a Mister Robert Lambert, had somehow been involved in some way with the assassination of Palmer. Also, the same MI5 rogue element had been involved in the torture, disappearances, murders and questionable suicides in a large number of the NSY cases.

The murders with MI5 connections had included the high-profile ‘apparent’ murder of the late Sir Mark Wright, the then Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, known throughout the world as simply ‘The Met,’ which of course included NSY. The only reason Sir Marks’ was only an ‘apparent’ murder was at the moment they could not prove it, because the ‘experts’ could not agree if an illegal injection by a young man, claiming to represent MI5, had caused Sir Marks’ sudden cardiac death.

However, for ‘arranging’ the murder of Sir Mark, there were other suspects within ‘The Yard’ itself. At that time corruption was widespread, with many policemen on the take, big time, from the London gangs. It had become clear that Sir Mark was carrying out covert investigations in order to expose the corrupt ones before his mysterious death. It could be that some of the bent policemen, perhaps in the higher echelons of NSY, may have arranged Sir Marks’ death.

DI Spearing and DS Devlin eventually felt they had enough evidence, on a number of the murders and assassinations, to put out an arrest warrant for Lambert, one of the MI5 bosses. Then he too turned up dead, another ‘questionable suicide,’ from the top storey of ‘The Olympia’ car park in Kensington. DS Devlin felt that DI Spearing may have been somehow involved in Lamberts ‘suicide.’

Then there was the case of Mrs Palmer, the wife of John Palmer whose assassination had started the current flow of human carnage. Mrs Palmer, although not yet cleared of being responsible for her husbands’ assassination, had been placed in police protective custody in a ‘safe house’ in Bournemouth in the county of Dorset. Then the same MI5 man who had been watching the family home had been spotted outside the ‘safe house’ on the evening Mrs Palmer has disappeared. The following morning, she had been found in a Bournemouth park, again a ‘questionable’ suicide.

Finally, the biggest problem of all! DI Andy Spearing had gone ‘missing’ since before the questionable suicides of Robert Lambert and Mrs Palmer. DS Devlin, who had tried to trace DI Spearing over the whole weekend, was having some dark thoughts.

So, it had to be assumed that, despite the death of Mister Robert Lambert, one or more of the other MI5 bosses still had control of some of the same MI5 rogue element and they were still running amok. What nobody knew at the time was the UK Government may also be involved.