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Paul Hughes

I believe this is my best novel to date, but I welcome all reviews – good and bad - particularly from real readers.
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What do three old Rock and Roll codgers do when they meet after 40 + years in Asia? Why one writes this book and all three write associated music!
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I was born a long time ago in Fauldhouse, then a small mining village within West Lothian, in bony Scotland.

I got involved with the music business in Scotland in nineteen-sixty with a couple of mates from my schooldays, Jimmy Young and John Carty. We started running ‘Record Hops,’ which for the uninformed were the forerunner of the far more successful ‘Discos.’
Then I got involved as a Road Manager with a band named ‘The Premiers’. My brother Harry, a drummer, who later became internationally well known, had joined the group. I am still in contact with the surviving members, and we meet up every year, particularly with my best mate Shammy singing and dancing our way across Asia.

Later I became a promoter of Dancing and Concerts throughout central Scotland and presented lots of big ‘names’ (e.g., Stevie Winwood and ‘The Spencer Davies’ group, ‘Them’ with Van Morrison, The Bay City Rollers (before they hit the big time!), Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, Alex Harvey and one of Scotland’s superb biggest groups at that time, ‘The Golden Crusaders’ etc. (Later I co-managed an offshoot of The Golden Crusaders who we named ‘Class’ and they were that and then some!).

I later joined up again as Road Manager with my brother Harry and the band 1-2-3, which was formed from the remnants of ‘The Premiers’ with Ian Ellis and Billy Ritchie.

1-2-3 went on to sign for the world-famousBrian Epstein and his NEMS empire, which included of course ‘The Beatles,’ The Bee Gees’ and ‘Cream’ – Guess who did not make it? At this time the group were resident in the world famous ‘Marquee Club’ in the Soho district of London. They also got involved with David Bowie who was a friend and 1-2-3 actually played on his early demos.

There were gigs with Jimi Hendrix at the Savile Theatre and jamming sessions with Hendrix and Eric Burden of ‘The Animals’ in London’s club land, to name but a few.

For 1-2-3 and a future band known as ‘Clouds’ with the same members, there followed other world- famous agencies which included famous names like; ‘Rod Stewart and The Faces,’ ‘Ten Years After’ and ‘Jethro Tull with tours of USA including playing the famous Holywood Bowl, Fillmore East etc’

I was also editor, writer and chief bottle washer for an entertainment newspaper in Scotland titled ‘Nightlife.’ A job I loved. During this time, among many other stars, we interviewed Billy Connelly, Gerry Rafferty (Just before they made the big time), Chuck Berry and Status Quo in addition to hundreds of ‘On Stage’ reviews of some amazing artistes etc.

After I finished with the groups in the 70’s I returned to the Engineering industry and worked as a contractor. It was mostly in the UK defence industry, and I did a lot of work with a UK company named Marconi. A lot of the mysterious deaths in the UK defence industry and the unbelievable decisions of the courts as to the cause of these deaths, which I have described in my novels, did happen, in particular with a large number of Marconi employees!

I have used my experiences and observations on the perimeter of the sixties and seventies entertainment business and in the UK defence industry as material for my novels. Also, I had friends who worked for New Scotland and helped me with many more details.
I now live in Northampton, England on a golf course and holiday abroad in Asia every year, usually writing and having a good time during the dreary cold UK winter months.