'Revenge is Mine'
MI5 Vigilantes continues killing without trials

This is Book 3 in the series on New Scotland Yard detectives; DCI Spearing and DI Devlin.

It picks up their story from the end of ‘Running Amok’ in London during the ‘swinging’ 1960’s and deals with a full caseload.

The 3 Book series Detectives Spearing and Devlin;

Book 1 was ‘Beginning to End.’ * (Now re-edited and republished with a new cover in April 2019).

Book 2 was ‘Running Amok.’ * Now re-edited and republished in April 2019).

Book 3 released in April 2019 is ‘Revenge is Mine.’

 * = Books 1 and 2 will be on special offers with Amazon Kindle during April 2019.

‘Revenge is Mine’ is still set in ‘swinging’ London during 1967 in what some people thought was their ‘Halcyon Days.’

As pointed out in ‘Beginning to End’ and in ‘Running Amok’ for many others it was an era of depravity, involving; Drugs and Alcohol abuse, Murder, Assassinations, Sex Predators, Rapes of both girls and boys and corruption.

It was all widespread at every level in the UK Establishment from; high society, through the middle classes and down to the working classes, including; the Police, MI5, MI6, Politicians, Pop Stars, etcetera.

At the start of ‘Revenge is Mine’ both DCI Spearing and DI Devlin are fighting for their lives having been shot by a high velocity rifle outside the Old Bailey courts.

My Writing Style?

In a question and answer session for the USA Goodreads I was asked about my writing style.

I started my reply by stating the types of stories I did NOT like to read.
The first type of story I hate is when the super hero, sometimes with a couple of mates, goes up against a small army and still wins, all be it he, or she, or they may get badly wounded.

The second type of story I hate is when some unbelievable things happen, like supernatural things, or characters suddenly having super human powers. Neither am I too happy with similar science fiction stories.

It was then I realised I like to write stories which are not only believable, but are mostly based on events or incidents that actually happened. In all three books in the series the storylines are sometimes based on true happenings!

Oh yes, I do use a lot of authors licence to exaggerate and to make the events, or incidents more interesting for my readers.

The characters are pure fiction, but are mostly based on people I have known during my good long life.

Like any new author when writing ‘Beginning to End’ I lacked confidence and could only hope my writing style would appeal to readers.

As I say in the RH column of the first page of this Web Site,  I have been delighted with so many four and five star reviews.

I can only hope ‘Revenge is Mine’ is equally well received.

Oh yes, and a few more sales would help!

I am still astounded by the many brilliant reviews for the first two books in the DI Spearing and DS Devlin series. I am indeed very grateful for the many four and five star reviews (Click on this  sites ‘Reviews’

Button). Also a few are on the back cover of the books.

With ‘Revenge is Mine’ I again had the same dilemma as in ‘Running Amok’ – Should I repeat characterisations?

In the end I settled for a good old Scottish based commercial decision and hoped my readers would buy and read ‘Beginning to End,’ before reading ‘Running Amok’ and then ‘Revenge is Mine.’

Seriously though, I do a minimum repeat of the characterisations, but decided I did not want to be boring my readers by repeating all of the characterisations.

I am again very proud of ‘Revenge is Mine’ – I believe, and hope my readers agree, - it is as good as ‘Beginning to End’ and ‘Running Amok?

It takes some of the characters into the next stage of the late nineteen sixties saga.

I only hope ‘Revenge is Mine’ gets half as good reviews and of course sells a few more copies!

Also my friends George Nash, Shammy Rafferty and I have written a couple of sixties type songs to go along with the book series. – See and hear the results on You Tube at;