A clever person knows how to resolve a problem

– A wise person avoids it.

- In 1967 -


From, down south in the UK, within the psychedelic, corrupt and depraved streets of ‘swinging’ London; To, up north within the uncompromising blues of the ‘No Mean’ city streets of Glasgow in Scotland, as 'they' tore the heart out of the old place. 

There are many stories within the main storyline of ‘Chasing Dark Shadows,’ including murder, corruption, rape and an MI5 vigilante group with tentacles in the higher echelons of society. Although it does sound ‘heavy, ‘Chasing Dark Shadows’ is laced with a lot of humour.

Many people look back to the sixties through their rose-coloured spectacles and refer to the sixties as those ‘halcyon’ days.  The reality was far different, but of course there was another factor. which the old saying covers, ‘If you remember the 60’s you really weren’t there!’ – We all know now what that means,and it might explain the rose-coloured spectacles viewpoint.

The story certainly captures the naivety and the essence of 60’s.

While set against the background of New Scotland Yard, it also has a look at the hugely popular rock groups music scene in London, before moving to Glasgow where DI Devlin was born and brought up. In Glasgow, DI Devlin has family problems and tragedies, before encountering the ‘new’ Irish troubles.

‘Chasing Dark Shadows’ is a work of fiction, but is based on many things which actually happened, all be it, there is authors licence in moving some of the events from different decades.

My Writing Style?

In a question-and-answer session for the USA Goodreads, I was asked about my writing style.

I started my reply by stating the types of stories I did NOT like to read

The first type of story I hate is when the superhero, sometimes with a couple of mates, goes up against a small army and still wins, all be it he, she, or they may get wounded.

The second type of story I hate is when some unbelievable things happen, like supernatural things, or characters suddenly having superhuman powers. Neither am I so happy with similar science fiction stories.

It was then I realised I like to write stories which are not only believable but are mostly based on events or incidents that happened. In all four books in the series the storylines are sometimes based on true events!

Oh yes, I do use a lot of authors licence to exaggerate and to make the events, or incidents, more interesting for my readers.

The characters are pure fiction but are mostly based on people I have known during my good long life.

Like any new author when writing the first in the series, ‘Beginning to End,’ I lacked confidence and could only hope my writing style would appeal to readers. However, the reviews were marvellous

The next two books, ‘Revenge is Mine’ and ‘Running Amok’ followed suit, and I am so confident with ‘Chasing Dark Shadows’ this time I am looking forward to the reviews. Let’s hope it is not pride before the fall!

I can only hope Chasing Dark Shadows’ is equally well received.

Oh yes, and a few more sales would help!

DCI Spearing & DI Devlin series;

Book 1‘Beginning to End.’

Book 2‘Revenge is Mine.’

Book 3‘Running Amok.’

Book 4– ‘Chasing Dark Shadows.’ (Due out August 2021)

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